Tuesday, August 08, 2006


This film brought me back to the racetrack. Even if this movie takes place 60 or so years in the past. It chronicles the rise of a horse that was trained to lose to become a winner.

It seemed almost like a film version of the American Experience series on PBS with some brief narration by a narrator not otherwise a character in the movie. I really like the story of the jockeys, the owner, and even the trainer. I was really impressed with they tell the story of the owner of Seabiscuit, a man by the name of Charles Howard played by Beau Bridges.

It seems he was in the streets of San Francisco but somehow he finds himself working on an automobile engine. Then he tells the owner how well it might run and suddenly the scene is morphed into him selling Buicks with the idea that you should trade in your horse and get an automobile.

Of course the rest of this story takes place during the Great Depression and it seems Seabiscuit was going to be the horse of the decade. Seabiscuit wasn't thought to be much anyway when he was born to some prized horses, but whoever didn't think him impressive is probably hurting after seeing the success of this horse.

Anyway I actually enjoyed this movie. I shall see it again when I get the time.

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