Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lost silent Hollywood

I've admired silent movies. In the earliest days of the "motion picture" directors and cinematographers didn't have the luxury of color or even sound. All that had to be done was snap pictures of a scene and then these pictures come alive because each frame becomes motion. The people move and walk.

This really was a funny video I saw I can't tell you much about it because this YouTube user didn't give much of a description of this video. It was funny though and the further you go I call it history. Near the end after you see this story about a man visiting Universal Studios you will see how cinematographers shot their footage, with hand cranked movie cameras. They were probably complicated for their time, but I imagine very simple machines for most of us today.

Still watch this. I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When Captain Picard meets Doctor Who

Star Trek The Next Generation’s Patrick Stewart may be ‘done with Hollywood’ but he is still open to doing some sci-fi. Stewart tells This Is North Scotland that not only is he a fan of the BBC’s Doctor Who, but he is "deeply dismayed" that he has not yet been asked to guest star on the show. Stewart has kept busy as a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company since his time playing TNG’s Picard and X-Men’s Professor Xavier and is currently playing the title role in MacBeth on the London stage. Even if Stewart doesn’t end up on Doctor Who he will get a chance to act with Doctor Who. It was recently reported that David Tennant will be playing the title role in Hamlet along with Stewart in an upcoming production.
What could Patrick Stewart play? Maybe Picard or maybe an earlier version of the Doctor (perhaps the first one he's about that age at least whenever the writers of the new series might decide to do a episode about this doctor and the other doctor doing something). Anyway, I would say that this should be fun. Yes.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Doctor Who Theme-BBC National Orchestra of Wales

Know anything about me and know that I'm a big fan of film scores. If you find my music collection it will be dominated by film and TV soundtracks from some of my favorite movies and TV programs.

I share one with you. The BBC's orchestra gives its rendition of the Doctor Who theme. Totally brass, percussion and strings. No electronic, synthesized music and it should stir up the adventure in you. Enjoy!

Hmm, I wish that in the next Star Trek movie someone can give such a rendition of the original Star Trek theme by Alexander Courage. Can't wait!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I really miss this show

THis was a show that I would look forward to watching weekday afternoons after I get home from school at the then magical time of 2:30 in the afternoon. I look at those days fondly especially since I'm not of that age anymore. Still these were good shows that I and many other youngsters watched. I wonder if there are DVD collections of this show.

This show being The Animaniacs and this was one of their many segments referred to as Good Idea, Bad Idea and they were usually very funny.