Wednesday, December 06, 2006

How about a couple of clips from Kill Bill Vol. 1

I haven't seen this movie in three years. I only have Vol. 2 on DVD at home. I plan to fix this problem in time for Christmas. I long for this movie. After I saw this movie I had that kind of attitude though I didn't go into a murderous rage at least. Anyway enjoy and I warn you these clips are violent.

Kill Bill Anime

The Bride vs. Vernita Green

This is to make up for the month I failed to post here. And I even failed to see the James Bond movie.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The next Bond Movie

Premiering next month is the next James Bond movie Casino Royale. Casino Royale is based on the only book never adapted into a movie by Eon Pictures (they're the studio that are responsible for making the James Bond films, Dr. No all the way to Die Another Day. And please exclude Never Say Never Again and the 1967 film Casino Royale, which was more of a comedy than anything else). I'm struggling with the idea of trying to see this movie since I'm away at school. Damn it!!!

So here's the deal. This film is something of a prequel, but Dame Judy Dench is still playing M (I saw her in the trailers). The film also isn't retro but it is set in the present day. I'd rather they cast a male M someone not much different from the original M, the late Bernard Lee, but I guess that wasn't meant to be. I hear Q, the man who made all the gadgets, isn't going to be in it (Q was originaly played by Desmond Llewelyn who died in a car crash not too long after the release of his last Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies and was replaced in time for Die Another Day by former Monty Python, John Cleese).

The sixth actor to play James Bond is Daniel Craig and they're making a big deal out of the fact that he's blond. Quite frankly I don't care and it was said that he doesn't like guns, but then another James Bond, Roger Moore was said not to like guns or violence too much either. Since this movie is based on an original Ian Fleming (the original Bond creator) novel, that's what excited me about this movie.

Die Another Day was the last Bond movie released in 2002 starring Halle Berry and Pierce Brosnan as Bond. The film was so in the clouds it was difficult for me to come back to Earth. I mean think about it a Korean man using gene therapy to become a white man, a dream machine to keep a man who can't sleep sane, OK I could buy the outer space laser beam, but other than that the series needed to be brought back down to Earth.

Hopefully Casino Royale is what the doctor ordered.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

This is without a doubt my favorite show. I regret coming to this show late. Late as in this summer having watched almost all the reruns. This season premiere was pretty good.

In a departure from what I generally expect from Law & Order this opening seemed more like a one hour motion picture than a regular TV episode. It was well done. Though I must admit I miss the original Major Case Squad chief Capt. Deakins. I knew I was going to miss him when I saw the season finale just last week.

Either was we see what happened with a new Major Case chief Capt. Ross (played by Eric Bogosian). He doesn't trust Det. Goren like Deakins did, but I do have a feeling that this will be an interesting season yet. We see that in this premiere episode.

Det. Eames, Goren's partner, get kidnapped by a suspect in a series of muders. This makes the episode very interesting and we see Goren really get unhinged. I've never seen these detectives in this situation before.

It seemed the changes started last year. Capt. Deakins left the NYPD beccause it turns out his former police colleague hatched a plan to hurt Deakins professionally. Deakins decided to resign rather than hurt the NYPD. In other words we saw Capt. Deakins play more of a role in the series than he had at any time before this.

What will be interesting is how will Mike Logan relate to this new captain since it appears the old captain was somewhat responsible for bringing him back to Manhattan from Staten Island? Will Capt. Ross have an issue with Logan because of Logan's reputation?

We'll see next week.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Who knows what the next post will be...

I didn't think to bring any DVDs with me back to school. I may just be reduced to talking about what's on TV. Since I don't have cable I don't have very many choices. All I can say is that we'll see.

But you can check out this Dragnet video that I posted on My Mind's Eye. It's from the 2003 version though.

I'll come up with something.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mike Logan: Law & Order

I've been wanting to do a post like this for a while. Perhaps this is just what I read or maybe I'm coming to this conclusion myself but I really think Mike Logan is a great character on Law & Order. He brings something to the cast of Law & Order: Criminal Intent that Det. Robert Goren and Det. Eames didn't have, a history.

Det. Logan was on the original Law & Order from 1990 to 1995 but was ousted. On the show he was sent to Staten Island (a boring assignment) because he punched the lights out of a powerful politician who just so happened to have been a murder suspect. In 1998 a TV movie Exiled had Mike Logan returned to his old precinct to solve a murder and figure out who was the corrupt cop in his old squad.

That would be the last time we see the Detective until he showed up in the offices of the Major Case Squad in their 4th season when his girlfried was queried by Goren and Eames. He helps break the case which involved overzealous prison guards and ultimately he would find himself under the command of Capt. Deakins a member of the Major Case Squad in the next season.

I saw this episode that I have only read about. Det. Logan and his partner Det. Barek was investigating this foster mother and he shot one of her foster sons who not only just so happened to be a cop but also failed to identify himself as such. And the look on Logan's face (Chris Noth) when he finds out who he shot and his reaction was just classic. Perhaps Logan was afraid that he was going to lose the only job he ever wanted, again.

In any event it's interesting to see more of his character's history unfold on Criminal Intent. Perhaps we'll see a further contrast between him and Goren. You see Goren is a different animal the Logan. Logan seems to be the typical police detective in ways that Goren isn't.

I can't wait for this new season to start.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


It has been a long time since I've seen this movie. I'm quite sure many have seen this as a very bad comedy movie. For some reason when I was much younger it kept me entertained, then I quickly forgot all about this movie.

Weird Al Yankovic looks a lot weirder than he actually does today. In fact you'll see that on the DVD. He hosts the deleted scenes on this two sided DVD and you'll see the modern him fooling around in the menus before you start playing the movie.

Just think for a second. In the movie he had a curly afro and a mustache. Today he has a Howard Stern look with long hair but no mustache. He doesn't even wear glasses like he did back in the late 80s. In fact as you watch the deleted scenes on the DVD he will note that he looks different because UHF was released 13 years ago.

Long story short this film is about an unlikely TV station managed by a man (Weird Al) with a vivid imagination who is unable to keep a job. Somehow he is able to bring his station to number 1 in the ratings. He saves his station by paying off his uncle's debt while fighting a much more powerful corporate competitor station. All the while the man gets his girlfriend and declares that she will be apart of all of his dreams.

The movie doesn't have to be all that good in some respects. Suspend some belief and have fun is the order of the day in this movie. So by all means have fun because this movie isn't that bad.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


This film brought me back to the racetrack. Even if this movie takes place 60 or so years in the past. It chronicles the rise of a horse that was trained to lose to become a winner.

It seemed almost like a film version of the American Experience series on PBS with some brief narration by a narrator not otherwise a character in the movie. I really like the story of the jockeys, the owner, and even the trainer. I was really impressed with they tell the story of the owner of Seabiscuit, a man by the name of Charles Howard played by Beau Bridges.

It seems he was in the streets of San Francisco but somehow he finds himself working on an automobile engine. Then he tells the owner how well it might run and suddenly the scene is morphed into him selling Buicks with the idea that you should trade in your horse and get an automobile.

Of course the rest of this story takes place during the Great Depression and it seems Seabiscuit was going to be the horse of the decade. Seabiscuit wasn't thought to be much anyway when he was born to some prized horses, but whoever didn't think him impressive is probably hurting after seeing the success of this horse.

Anyway I actually enjoyed this movie. I shall see it again when I get the time.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The American President

After touring the White House last Saturday I just had to watch this movie. I also hadn't seen this one in years but not because of a broken VCR (as I had this film on VHS) but due to the real life consequences of September 11th. Before then I liked to pop this movie in every chance I got, a distinction only held by my Star Trek movies.

Anyway I popped this movie in as soon as I returned from Washington, DC. This was a good movie. It was written by West Wing creator and scribe Aaron Sorkin. It was basically a political movie with a romantic comedy plot.

Now consider this. The year was 1995 and I can't say that the President we had at that time exactly made me proud, but Andrew Shepherd (Michael Douglas) was a President I can look up to. Yeah he was a Democrat but he wasn't a bad leader (and that's only because he was written that way). All the same I loved the discussion of policy in this film.

Then he meets Sidney Ellen Wade (Annette Benning) who visits the White House as part of her job. Then she catches the eye of the leader of the free world and the most of the film has him juggling his duties as President as well as maintaining a romantic relationship with a woman whose job it was to get tough with him in the first place.

In the course of this movie the President is pounded by a Republican Senator (Richard Dreyfuss) who wants to take his job. By the end of this movie the President rips the Senator a new one and just as he starts to lose momentum, he regains it by the time the movie ends at the state of the union.

This is a great movie and it without a doubt gives you that great patriotic feeling. Even if you may not like the fact that the President has a girlfriend or that she might spend a night at the White House.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Miami Vice

Last night I watched the three hour Miami Vice Undercover special. It was a treat because almost 20 years later Miami Vice airs on the same network it ran on. This was an excuse to offer a sneak peak to the Miami Vice movie premiering on Friday.

The sneak peak looks great. I've yet to see a Michael Mann production since heat but I really have never seen Michael Mann movie at the show. Michael Mann by the way was an executive producer for Miami Vice and is a movie director of such films as Heat, Collateral, The Insider, and Ali. I really like the look of video in this movie in the sneak peak. I've been convinced that video is the wave of the future. Though I do hope that film won't go totally obsolete.

Let me just add that the stars of Miami Vice The Movie Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell hosted this three hour special. The episode seen was the very first episode of the series and it still looks great. And if this episode was only the start then if there was any indication it was only going to get better.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Boyz N the Hood

Another movie I haven't seen in a while. This is one of those message movies we hear about. This movie is about a group of friends two are fairly decent and the other had spent time in the pen. We start with them very young and then we see them later as a group of teenagers.

There are a number of issues present in this film. Teenage sex, gentrification, gang violence, father & son relationships, to name those that I can easily identify. But there is one issue that I'd like to talk about.

Doughboy (Ice Cube) and Ricky (Morris Chestnutt) are brothers. However, their mother had them by two different fathers. Because Doughboy's father wasn't liked much by his mother she doesn't like Doughboy much. She tells how he won't amount to nothing and he isn't going to be "shit". He talks him down good. When Ricky gets killed near the end she blames Doughboy. It may be as much about his criminal lifestyle but it may just be a symptom of how differently she treats her boys.

The best part of this movie was the relationship between Furious (Laurence Fishburne) and his son Tre (Cuba Gooding, Jr.). At the beginning he was living with his mother but as per a "contractual agreement" he acts up in class and gets sent to live with his father. The idea here is that only a man (preferably his father) can teach a young boy to be a man. The difference between Tre and say Doughboy was that he had a father to teach him some responsibility. And what this kid got from his father showed. Apparently he's the only man raising a child on his block in South Central Los Angeles.

I was astonished to find out on Wikipedia that Boyz N The Hood was deemed culturally significant by the Library of Congress and was selected for preservation in National Film Registery back in 2002. The director John Singleton did an excellent job in this film.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Mississippi Burning

It has been ages since I've seen that movie. The only copy I have is on VHS (I know some of you are thinking...What's that?). Well I've yet to upgrade to DVD for this film which is basically about those three civil rights workers killed near Philadelphia, Mississippi in the 1960s.

Gene Hackman plays an FBI agent who grew up in Mississippi. Willem DaFoe plays an FBI agent who probably never saw a southern state before in his life before he was assigned to the setting of this movie, Jessup County (which doesn't exist, the name of the town was probably changed to protect the innocent). This was something of a thriller but a great period piece.

A lot of what you see is going to upset, hopefully, a great number of you. This is one documentation of the struggle for freedom in a free nation. A people who were free in theory still having to fight for their freedom. The thing is these people were afraid to fight for their freedom. It seems the authorities have a vested interest in supressing the freedom of a certain group of people.

Either way it's great to see the FBI get their men. Some of those guy who were smiling when they got arrested weren't smiling when it was done. When the FBI arrived some of them knew what time it was. Indeed one tried to run. Either way it was one victory in a very interesting era.

BTW, they recently reopened the case and someone did indeed get convicted after almost 40 years. Also I had seen this movie in the theaters. However this cineplex is no longer open, it used to be close to where a movie theater is now on Illinois street in about the Streetorville neighborhood.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Chuck Norris & Clint Eastwood...

I'm watching a couple of his movies right now on SpikeTV. The moving I'm watching now, Hitman seems more like a Walker, Texas Ranger episode. See this is kind of fun for sure. The movie I saw earlier today, I believe it was Delta Force had him riding to a plane taking off without him but had weapons that James Bond would envy. I was like how implausible is that. He blew up two jeeps in the way of the plane as it taxied down the runway. And none of the passengers on the plane even Lee Marvin seemed to be buckled up for takeoff.

Yesterday I ran into a Clint Eastwood marathon on USA Network. It had movies such as Magnum Force, The Gauntlet, Outlaw Josey Wales, and The Enforcer. The more interesting was The Gauntlet where Clint's character, Shockley, had to take on the mob and their allies in the police to extradite a prostitute who was a key witness in a mob trial back to his town Phoenix, AZ. Long story short the movie wasn't the greatest. It seemed senseless but it wasn't bad but it did read as a Dirty Harry ripoff, even if it was Clint Eastwood. The only difference was that Shockly didn't display Dirty Harry characteristics.

Have a great holiday everyone.

Monday, June 26, 2006

I haven't posted here in a while...

Well I've been intending to write about the movies in my collection but I haven't watched any of them yet. I have both DVDs and VHS tapes. It's just a matter of pulling a video out and to start watching it. Then again I plan on going back to the movie theater as soon as I can. Besides Superman Returns is coming out this week.

I any event I've started this blog earlier this month and I've yet to add to that initial post. Perhaps this'll be an intermittent blog that will lose some reader. I enjoy going to the show as much as I enjoy sitting at home watching TV. Other than that we shall have to see.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I think I want to talk about some movies

Yeah I like to sit at home and watch my tapes and DVDs. I've collected quite a few over the years so I think when I go through some of them I might be able to share some of this with you. This blog won't just be limited to feature films but other videos of interest. We'll see.