Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Simpsons Movie

I just saw it tonight there was more skin and vulgarity than one could even think about seeing on the FOX network. That's OK because it makes for some good laughs. I only wish I had gotten my lazy but to the movie theaters over the summer to see it.

Oh and I was able to see it courtesy of TV-Links. I won't consider this movie reviewed until I actually buy a home DVD copy. Until then I consider it something that's going on my needs list that I started recently.

So what happened well Homer is even more obnoxious in this movie. He almost loses his family because of it. He almost single handely killed an entire town because an megalomaniacal bureaucrat seeks to seal out the whole town of Springfield and who else is complicit than President Arnold Swarzenegger who's concerned about making another family movie. All is not lost Homer and Bart does something foolish to save Springfield.

That's the gist but don't go to TV-Links to watch the film. Go out to your local video place and buy it!

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