Monday, August 13, 2007

Pursuit of Happyness

A great rags to riches story. The real life story of Chris Gardner who seemed to have had a very hardknock life. He was poor and the movie started off with him unsuccessfully securing a sale for his bone scanner.

You see I had nothing but comments about this. I called this bonescanner a lemon. Maybe I'm not using this in the correct context, but one doctor he attempted to sell one to called it expensive and unnessary. Not only that it caused him a lot of grief because he trusted that device with the wrong people or he kept losing it.

Thankfully that was the one thing that got him some more money in his pocket. While in the situation he was tired of he saw a man in a sports car and found out he was a stock broker and decided it was worth doing. I don't know how he found out about this internship program but he entered into it.

Then we see true adversity. His honey left him and threatened to take their child with him. He was moving around a lot with him being evicted from an apartment buidling or a hotel. Forced to spend nights in a subway bathroom. IRS reaching into his bank account for back taxes. Working very hard and being very worrisome trying to secure accounts for his internship.

While I may not want to do what he did, it paid off. Today he's able to tell his story and he has as much money as that man he met in the streets of San Francisco. His honey is surely kicking herself for not sticking with him at that most difficult time. She was weak and she couldn't hang with him anymore.

Besides he was obviously determined. If all she could see was dollar signs, then she missed what he really had. That was her choice however.

Hopefully if other people who have the same traits Mr. Gardner had then who knows they'll be alright too. With perhaps as much money as he got. So I recommend you watch this movie.

And let me just say Will Smith was more convincing as Chris Gardner than he was as Muhammad Ali. I really liked how he played a determined half-way homeless man. The chemistry with his own real life son, who doubled as Chris Gardner's son in this movie, was great. That was the heart and soul of this film. Made it more enjoyable.

BTW, I suggest you read the book. I didn't read the book before I saw the movie, but I found out that the movie took a lot of artistic liberties in this story.

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