Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Queen

I saw The Queen tonight. There were quite a few slow moments but it was a generally good story and we see the British royals in a much more human light than I would have imagined them.

Queen Elizabeth is referred to as "Cabbage" by her husband Prince Philip. Both the Queen and her son Charles, Prince of Wales, display emotion. Also we see the reaction the royals had towards Diana, Princess of Wales. She figures a lot in the story because most of the plot revolves around her death and the events surrounding that up until her funeral.

Well it's great to say that even if the royal family is held up to much higher standards than us commoners, that the fact is they are human. Thankfully they got people around them who might be able to keep them in touch with everyday people. Tony Blair is as important as the secretaries the royals have.

Other than that, you should pick this movie up when you get the first opportunity.
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