Thursday, July 26, 2007

More from "The Queen"

I forgot to mention this last night.

I thought that they portrayed Prince Charles (or Charles, Prince of Wales as I had referred to him last night who was played by Alex Jennings) as somewhat sensible. While the rest of the royal family such as his mom, The Queen and his dad Prince Philip and even his granny Elizabeth, Queen Mother were dumping on Princess Di (or Princess Diana or Diana, Princess of Wales as I also referred to her last night) Prince Charles stood up to them. Especially since Diana was the mother to the childen who are the future heirs to the British throne.

Of all the royals Charles seemed to have taken this news the worse. See the movie he definitely had that emotional reaction and we could see at various points his eyes welling up with tears. See that whole thing about showing the royals in a very human light?

Prince Charles was also portrayed as something of a tricky person. He had to find ways to get his mother to see his point of view and tried to be on the right side of public opinion. He told his mom, The Queen that he thought that he was in danger and she immediately changed her mind about taking a drive in the country. He seemed to be trying to really cozy up with Tony Blair who in 1996-97 was the new British Prime Minister (the head of government in Britain). He really wanted his royals to get out there to mourn with the rest of their people.

I really like the portrayal of Prince Charles who unfortunately isn't a very sympathetic figure. When I watched that whole episode with Diana back in 1997 I couldn't have seen or known how much of a role he had. Notwithstanding the fact that he used to be Diana's husband and he is the father to their children (Princes William and Harry) who just so happen to be the future of the Windsor dynasty.

So that should end my review of The Queen.

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