Monday, October 01, 2007

I want to get this movie

Since I'm on an old school Hollywood trip, I want to get The Jazz Singer. This 1927 film starred singing sensation Al Jolson. It was billed as the first talkie but it was probably more accurate to call it the first profitable talkie than it is to call it the first talkie ever. I suppose in those days putting a soundtrack on film so that we can hear music, sound effects and dialogue was the holy grail of motion pictures.

Anyway here are some scenes that I've found. I see that at Borders Books, if I was gonna go ahead and buy the movie it would cost at least $30. It would be worth it though because I wanna see this film. Hmm, I think I should start a list of all the movies in the world I want to either buy or see. That'll be next for this blog.

To be sure this scene is quite controversial. Al Jolson is getting into costume of sorts. This movie involves him having to hide in "blackface" in order to perform as a Jazz singer. This will probably bring out the discussion of minstrel shows and all that but I've read that this was acceptable in the 1920s.

This scene illustrates what he's up against. A mother who certainly approves and is entertained by her son but daddy unfortunately doesn't approve. He even has set goals for himself. Will this man's family get to live in the Bronx with all the "Bergs"?

This song seems very stereotypical. It seems this is how blacks were expected to say mommy. This movie has the appearance of a silent movie but the dialogue and the synchronization is almost perfect.

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