Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

This is without a doubt my favorite show. I regret coming to this show late. Late as in this summer having watched almost all the reruns. This season premiere was pretty good.

In a departure from what I generally expect from Law & Order this opening seemed more like a one hour motion picture than a regular TV episode. It was well done. Though I must admit I miss the original Major Case Squad chief Capt. Deakins. I knew I was going to miss him when I saw the season finale just last week.

Either was we see what happened with a new Major Case chief Capt. Ross (played by Eric Bogosian). He doesn't trust Det. Goren like Deakins did, but I do have a feeling that this will be an interesting season yet. We see that in this premiere episode.

Det. Eames, Goren's partner, get kidnapped by a suspect in a series of muders. This makes the episode very interesting and we see Goren really get unhinged. I've never seen these detectives in this situation before.

It seemed the changes started last year. Capt. Deakins left the NYPD beccause it turns out his former police colleague hatched a plan to hurt Deakins professionally. Deakins decided to resign rather than hurt the NYPD. In other words we saw Capt. Deakins play more of a role in the series than he had at any time before this.

What will be interesting is how will Mike Logan relate to this new captain since it appears the old captain was somewhat responsible for bringing him back to Manhattan from Staten Island? Will Capt. Ross have an issue with Logan because of Logan's reputation?

We'll see next week.

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