Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The next Bond Movie

Premiering next month is the next James Bond movie Casino Royale. Casino Royale is based on the only book never adapted into a movie by Eon Pictures (they're the studio that are responsible for making the James Bond films, Dr. No all the way to Die Another Day. And please exclude Never Say Never Again and the 1967 film Casino Royale, which was more of a comedy than anything else). I'm struggling with the idea of trying to see this movie since I'm away at school. Damn it!!!

So here's the deal. This film is something of a prequel, but Dame Judy Dench is still playing M (I saw her in the trailers). The film also isn't retro but it is set in the present day. I'd rather they cast a male M someone not much different from the original M, the late Bernard Lee, but I guess that wasn't meant to be. I hear Q, the man who made all the gadgets, isn't going to be in it (Q was originaly played by Desmond Llewelyn who died in a car crash not too long after the release of his last Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies and was replaced in time for Die Another Day by former Monty Python, John Cleese).

The sixth actor to play James Bond is Daniel Craig and they're making a big deal out of the fact that he's blond. Quite frankly I don't care and it was said that he doesn't like guns, but then another James Bond, Roger Moore was said not to like guns or violence too much either. Since this movie is based on an original Ian Fleming (the original Bond creator) novel, that's what excited me about this movie.

Die Another Day was the last Bond movie released in 2002 starring Halle Berry and Pierce Brosnan as Bond. The film was so in the clouds it was difficult for me to come back to Earth. I mean think about it a Korean man using gene therapy to become a white man, a dream machine to keep a man who can't sleep sane, OK I could buy the outer space laser beam, but other than that the series needed to be brought back down to Earth.

Hopefully Casino Royale is what the doctor ordered.

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