Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Chuck Norris & Clint Eastwood...

I'm watching a couple of his movies right now on SpikeTV. The moving I'm watching now, Hitman seems more like a Walker, Texas Ranger episode. See this is kind of fun for sure. The movie I saw earlier today, I believe it was Delta Force had him riding to a plane taking off without him but had weapons that James Bond would envy. I was like how implausible is that. He blew up two jeeps in the way of the plane as it taxied down the runway. And none of the passengers on the plane even Lee Marvin seemed to be buckled up for takeoff.

Yesterday I ran into a Clint Eastwood marathon on USA Network. It had movies such as Magnum Force, The Gauntlet, Outlaw Josey Wales, and The Enforcer. The more interesting was The Gauntlet where Clint's character, Shockley, had to take on the mob and their allies in the police to extradite a prostitute who was a key witness in a mob trial back to his town Phoenix, AZ. Long story short the movie wasn't the greatest. It seemed senseless but it wasn't bad but it did read as a Dirty Harry ripoff, even if it was Clint Eastwood. The only difference was that Shockly didn't display Dirty Harry characteristics.

Have a great holiday everyone.

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