Sunday, July 23, 2006

Miami Vice

Last night I watched the three hour Miami Vice Undercover special. It was a treat because almost 20 years later Miami Vice airs on the same network it ran on. This was an excuse to offer a sneak peak to the Miami Vice movie premiering on Friday.

The sneak peak looks great. I've yet to see a Michael Mann production since heat but I really have never seen Michael Mann movie at the show. Michael Mann by the way was an executive producer for Miami Vice and is a movie director of such films as Heat, Collateral, The Insider, and Ali. I really like the look of video in this movie in the sneak peak. I've been convinced that video is the wave of the future. Though I do hope that film won't go totally obsolete.

Let me just add that the stars of Miami Vice The Movie Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell hosted this three hour special. The episode seen was the very first episode of the series and it still looks great. And if this episode was only the start then if there was any indication it was only going to get better.

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