Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When Captain Picard meets Doctor Who

Star Trek The Next Generation’s Patrick Stewart may be ‘done with Hollywood’ but he is still open to doing some sci-fi. Stewart tells This Is North Scotland that not only is he a fan of the BBC’s Doctor Who, but he is "deeply dismayed" that he has not yet been asked to guest star on the show. Stewart has kept busy as a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company since his time playing TNG’s Picard and X-Men’s Professor Xavier and is currently playing the title role in MacBeth on the London stage. Even if Stewart doesn’t end up on Doctor Who he will get a chance to act with Doctor Who. It was recently reported that David Tennant will be playing the title role in Hamlet along with Stewart in an upcoming production.
What could Patrick Stewart play? Maybe Picard or maybe an earlier version of the Doctor (perhaps the first one he's about that age at least whenever the writers of the new series might decide to do a episode about this doctor and the other doctor doing something). Anyway, I would say that this should be fun. Yes.

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