Monday, July 28, 2008

The Dark Knight

Yesterday I saw probably one of the best Batman films I have ever seen.

The ending of the movie I saw as poetic in a way that I could imagine was written in the comic books. I also saw a little more Chicago than I would have liked but in other ways the film more than made up for that. A few interesting shocks in the film as far as what happens to some of the characters.

We in fact see three Batman villains in this movie. Of course only two play a significant role in this film. As a matter of fact if you know Batman canon, a movie goer probably knows what happens to a certain district attorney in this film.

If you notice I'm trying not to give too much away. I already noted on my original blog that the other actors to play The Joker (Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, and Mark Hamill) have nothing on the character as portrayed by the late Heath Ledger. It's very unfortunate that he won't play this character again. If The Joker is ever brought back to the big screen, the next actor will certain have a challenge on his hands.

At the movie theater where I was, someone called out, "Zeus!" Zeus being a man who at one point in time fued with Hulk Hogan during the original heyday of the WWF. He also made an appearance in Hulk Hogan's movie, No Holds Barred. And you may also know Zeus in the film Friday.

Zeus played a prisoner on a ferry where he saw prison officials were unwilling to activate the detonator in one of the Joker's schemes. He did what he thought prison officials should have done 10 minutes ago. The prison official let him take the detonator out of the box and threw it out of a window on the ferry. That whole scene involving prisoners and everyday citizens on two different ferries was a deep scene.

Also there was a lot of cheering in my theater for this film. Especially for the stunts such as Batman's use of his motorcycle and for Zeus throwing out the detonator. Laughter for some of the Joker's sillier scenes even if the Joker kills someone.

Almost like Batman Begins, this film is a little on the long side. Whenever I thought the movie was finally over it keeps going. I thought the Joker getting arrested was supposed to be the end but it was only the beginning. There was certainly a lot going on in this film.

Go see this movie when you get the first chance or if you don't like the theaters get this for your home enjoyment when it comes out! Don't get a bootleg copy either!

The Dark Knight!

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