Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Chappelle's Show:The Lost Episodes Uncensored

I got this DVD just after the holidays. I finally had a chance to check it out. A very enjoyable DVD. Look at the deleted scenes and the sketches that didn't make it onto the actual episodes.

It's almost unfortunate that Dave Chappelle decided not to return to his show. Charlie Murphy, who hosted the show with Donnell Rawlings in the absence of Chappelle said how it was great to be a part of a great moment in comedy. He even said that if it was for Chappelle, people would still come up to him and say he's Eddie Murphy's brother.

Still it would have been nice if Chappelle had of been able to return. I'm sure there were a few great shows ahead, but looking at the story of why Dave Chappelle hadn't returned to do the show I still have my questions. Oh well though, we at least have the DVDs of the various episodes.

Indeed, it could be possible that if the DVD sets are profitable enough Chappelle might come back and do more shows. Perhaps instead of Comedy Central they'll put him on HBO. We shall see.

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  1. Hi, I haven't seen those episodes, but they look interesting. That famous British sci-fi series has been around a long time, and for good reason. It's a lot of fun! I like your writing and movie reviews. I will be back again. Take care and have a great weekend!