Sunday, March 02, 2008

I'm in a James Bond mood now!!!

I haven't written a lot of reviews lately! I want to change that but watching movies hasn't interested me in a while. Not sure why but I want to change that.

Also ever since I discovered Doctor Who, I've been writing almost non-stop about Doctor Who or even about sci-fi in general. I don't want this to be a genre blog I want this to be more well rounded.

I did do a Bond film, Casino Royale. Of course I saw the film itself on the now fabled TV-Links website though I do have it on DVD now! Still I just got into a For Your Eyes Only mood and then I went back to the legendary Sean Connery. One of my favorite Connery Bond film believe it or not is From Russia with Love.

So anyway it'll take me some time but I want to get back to this blog's roots. The other movies that I have reviewed overtime of course can be seen in the sidebar. Most of them are great movies.

Some are period pieces. Some is mostly for entertainment and I'd think you would enjoy it. Others are just good movies worth watching and I'll allow you to make of them as you will.

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