Thursday, February 28, 2008

Star Trek:Enterprise Intro

Personally I love this show, although many Star Trek fans will lament how this series messed with continuity. There are certainly some things I didn't agree with but I thought this was a worthwhile experiment. I was disappointed when after 4 seasons this series was cancelled.

While this post was titled Star Trek: Enterprise, I still refer to this series as simply Enterprise. Enterprise was this series' original title until the third season when Star Trek was added to it. Now I want to just go out and find a DVD set since the series isn't even running in syndication anymore these days!

Oh and this intro is an intro I liked better than the one used during the first two seasons. The tempo if much faster than the slower pace of the tune of the first two seasons. It feels a lot more optimistic than it did in the first two seasons. Almost as if the crew of the starship Enterprise is a lot more confident about their mission!

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